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Building Custom Shoes

Shopping around for shoes but came up short, months later it's come to this. Join me in my build process crafting a uniquely understated design.

I've been learning about vegetable tanned leather for the past few years but only recently came up with a project to make the leap into leather craft. This pair of Sneaker Kit shoes offers the perfect amount of creative freedom to start.

“A life-long obsession with DIY and craft combined with a background in footwear plus my recent dive into vegtan leather–I suppose designing and making a bespoke pair of shoes was inevitable.”

Creating a pair of shoes from scratch is daunting. I did not know what to expect going into this project but luckily Sneaker Kit has done their part!

With this kit I get to concentrate on just design and the leather craft. The first step was deciding on the height of the ankle support and tongue, I went with a cross between high and mid-top since I've never seen it available before. The next step is to make a concept out of scraps and modify it to fit both my anatomy and my gait. From there I deconstructed the mockup, added some panels for pull tabs and turned it all into a pattern. To choose a color I turned to photoshop and digitally changed my concept to get a better idea of the finished product with all the changes I marked up.

Now all that's left is the build. I had taken a series of time lapse videos to show start to finish but omitted the step where I strategically placed the pattern on the hide. While satisfied with the results I've already started building the next pair in my mind, stay tuned for my next creation!

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