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A Top Gun Experience.

I'm Flying High Above Henderson, Nevada And We're All About To Die.

Actually I’m assured we’ll be perfectly safe as we review the emergency canopy ejection procedure during my preflight briefing; the best way to conquer fear is with preparation. The room and information is setup like a mission briefing, we don’t get to play with F-22 fighter jets but it’s fun to act like we are.

In the briefing room I say "feel free to go crazy because I'm insane!" The pilot's response: Challenge accepted!

My pilot, code-name "Hollywood", is as wild as they come and I'm in his plane because of my cocky comment.

A Complicated Sequence

All the available pilots are well trained but Hollywood just made up a fancy sequence the night before and wanted to give it a try. After we landed the pilots explained how customers usually get sick after a few maneuvers; being able to take me on a ridiculous ride is a treat even for Hollywood.

The staff at SCA are very knowledgable and confident. At the same time they're cocky and talk trash to each other all day; 10 minutes with these guys and it's like you've known them your whole life!

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